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Listed below are the current courses offered under the direction of CSRM staff members.

Introduction to the Use of Aerial and Satellite Remote Sensing For Archaeological Research and Management

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This one-day course presented by CSRM and NASA will present those elements of remote sensing technology most relevant to archaeological research and site management. In doing so, it will review, using simple terms, the properties of electromagnetic radiation that govern the design of aerial and satellite remote sensors and sensor platforms, in particular the interaction of the bands of the electromagnetic spectrum used by these sensors with the atmosphere.

Armed with this knowledge, students will be much better able to select appropriate images, to understand how they might be enhanced in order to maximize the probability of a favorable outcome, and to conduct productive image classifications and other analyses.

Cultural Site Management Planning
This ten-day course is taught on-site to persons with site management responsibilities. It presents the internationally-accepted site management processes and standrads that apply to archaeological and other cultural sites. It provides guidelines for site management planning. Among key topics addresses are the essential standards and data that provide the basis for site planning, determining site carrying capacity, establishing management zones, public involvement, site management unit organization, resource preservation through streamlined site monitoring, maximizing benefits from interpretative programs and tourism, and formulating effective site management programs. Please e-mail Douglas Comer for more information concerning this course.










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