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Image of the ancient Treasury at Petra

Services & Products

CSRM services and products include:

  • Conducting inventories of archaeological and historical sites with the use of satellite and aerial imagery, other forms of remote sensing, and field reconnaissance
  • Evaluating cultural sites for level of significance
    Archaeological excavation of sites and features
  • Constructing interactive, user-friendly databases for cultural sites with geographical information system (GIS) technology
  • Designing monitoring plans for cultural sites
  • Preparing cultural site management and cultural resource management plans, including:
  • General Site Management Plans
  • Cultural Site Analyses
  • Carrying Capacity
  • Interpretive Plans
  • Management Analyses
  • Operating Plans (management unit design and implementation)
  • Providing landscape and architectural design information derived from archaeological research
  • Interpretive services

For more information on the types of services CSRM can provide, please e-mail Douglas Comer at dcomer@culturalsite.com or visit our Contact page.











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